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Sealed-attic-vs-vented-attic, vented attic vs. a sealed, non-vented, airtight attic. calvin smith | posted in energy efficiency and durability on september 1, 2015 06:36am i’m building a new home in miami, fla. an insulation contractor advises me to eliminate the planned roof & soffit vents and seal the attic with foam.. You’re looking to re-insulate your attic with spray foam because you’re tired of losing money, but there are just a few more things to consider.. when insulating your attic, the contractor can either spray the attic floor to keep a vented attic, or spray the roof deck for an unvented system., vented vs. unvented attics. posted by home energy saver on february 15, 2013 at 10:18am in attics, basements, garages; back to attics, basements, garages discussions; the attic includes everything from the finished ceiling up to and including the underside of the roof..

Vented attics versus sealed attics. posted on december 31, 2012 by mark. what are the practical differences? when i start a new hers rating or energy model the second conversation that typically comes up is the strategy for keeping the attic dry and mold free., unvented attics - a better attic system the advantages of the unvented, conditioned attic construction are increasingly being recognized within the industry to help with the following: energy conservation.

Designers have long used cross-ventilation to minimize the potential for moisture accumulation and condensation in attics and crawl spaces. however, unvented attics have become popular in both residential and commercial applications, pushed by emerging claims of energy savings and moisture control., super attic - attic insulation system dr. energy saver. loading... unsubscribe from dr. energy saver? cancel unsubscribe. working... subscribe subscribed unsubscribe 27.8k.. To evaluate the effects of sealed attics in hot climates on space conditioning energy use and roof temperatures, a computer modeling study was conducted for the orlando, florida, and las vegas, nevada, climates. the computer model utilized was the fsec 3.0 program (fsec 1992) containing the attic model developed and validated by parker et al ..., there’s not an audit which goes by or a retrofit project involving attic work where we don’t disucss attic ventilation. houses need to breathe, right? or the attic needs to be vented? like i’ve mentioned previously, attic ventilation is one of the most muddily misunderstood concepts in modern construction. what is the difference between ... read moreunvented attics (sometimes they just ...