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Seal-around-roof-vent-pipe, this is probably the case that you’re dealing with since you want to know how to seal around a vent pipe on a metal roof. once it stops raining and it’s completely dry outside, go up the roof and look for the areas directly above the problem areas. you may need to look higher up.. How to seal a plumbing vent pipe on the roof. plumbing vent pipes on house roofs are covered with a metal square of flashing and sealed with silicone caulking. the flashing of the vent pipes ..., i take it that the 3"pipe you have comeing up out of the roof are the vent stack for the plumbing. if you take and look around the other roofs they all have whats called a roof jack any wholesale supply or home depot and lowes have them they go down ovewr the pipe and you weave the roof shingles under them and over the top of it if they are the lead ones you just bend the top over and into the ....

@kurkevan you could buy the right size boot and cut a funnel off it and side it over the existing dektite to get rid of the hollow or you could put a piece of wire under the edge of the current one pull it up and fold back the edge of the boot and silicon or similar the edge to the pipe which will seal it and prevent it from dropping down again – unecs nov 19 '12 at 22:08, in this video we show how to easily fix some plumbing boot roof leaks by installing a rain collar..

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