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Mountain-bike-for-commuting, commuting on a mountain bike: is it possible? yes, it is, you can comfortably use a mountain bike for your commute with the possibility of a few modifications depending on your terrain to work. replace the tires with a narrower or less knobbly pair, add a set of bright lights, some fenders, and possibly reflective tape to make for a more comfortable and safer commute.. For the past few years, i have commuted on a road bike for most of the year and on a mountain bike for late fall through early spring. my commute also involves both classic road-riding and more urban-style riding., the best electric bikes: road, mountain, commuting and cheap ebikes; as technology has matured and their adoption has become widespread, particularly in europe, there’s absolutely no denying ....

Good for: urban riding, gentle off-road if you choose one with wider tyres. hybird bikes are the most popular commuting option. they’re a mixture between road and mountain bikes – often ..., i just commuted to work today on my 2012 sj fsr 29er evo and it was a lot of fun. 18.7 miles one way. about 2 hours. i've commuted on road bikes before but, i sold my last road bike a while ago and decided to use my mtb for the first time..

Are mountain bikes good for commuting? read on to find out! some cyclists think it’s strange when they see a commuter using a mountain bike, but the truth is it's all down to personal preference. the most important thing is that you actually decide to pick up a bicycle and use it., which is my perfect bicycle? most varieties of bike are available on the cycle to work scheme. here are some of the most popular to help you decide. road bikes. sometimes referred to as a racing bike, this is your fastest way to ride to work, but not the most comfortable!