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Motion-and-glitter-lava-lamp-replacement-bulb, what creates the motion in a lava ® lamp?. lava ® lamps make a unique and quirky addition to any room. lava ® lamps are either filled with colored wax or glitter suspended in liquid. heated at the base by a light bulb ranging from 15-100 watts, globs of wax or glitter rise to the top of the lamp, where it cools down and cascades to the bottom to start the journey once more.. Brighten up your space with these lava 25w light bulbs, 2-pack. they're compatible with both glitter and original lava lamps. these lava lamp light bulbs are made to fit 14.5" units and come with two per pack., glitter lava lamp lava glitter lamp com the history of lava lamp motion and glitter lava lamp replacement bulb a a glitter lava lamp video.. glitter lava lamp unusual the vintage lava lamp timeline discover your vintage lava lamp design our vintage crazy glitter glitter lava lamp australia.