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How-to-install-door-knobs-with-locks, leah from see jane drill shows how to install a locking doorknob in a door, including tips and tricks to complete this job successfully. support see jane drill by shopping through our link on .... Replacing an exterior door knob and lock is something you can do on your own with the right tools. replace an exterior door knob and lock with help from a foreman for lighty contractors in this ..., insert a sharp object into the latch hole if there aren't visible screws. you should feel a small indentation or hole on the stem that’s attached to the knob. if the hole is round, push a paperclip or nail into the hole. if the hole is flat and thin, you can use a flathead screwdriver. press on the hole to disengage the knob..

Install both knobs by sliding the spindle through the slot in the latch. align the two long screws from the inside knob into the cylinders on the exterior knob and tighten the screws. remove the two screws holding the strike plate in place on the door jamb and install the new one in the same position. open and close the door several times to ..., reassemble the lock. once the pins are installed, push the plug back into the cylinder housing. slide the retainer ring back into place, pop the cylinder back into the door knob, and replace any plastic or metal sheets that secured the cylinder. push the exterior door back into its slot in the lock, and rotate the key until it the knob pops and ....

Installing a lockset — door knobs or levers — is a great do-it-yourself project and a simple way to tailor the look of a door. we'll show you how to do it. product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market. if you're installing a lockset in an existing door, take out the old lockset and measure the backset — the ..., anatomy. the two important variables when installing a lockset are the height of the knob above the finish floor and the backset—the distance from the center of the knob to the near edge of the door.most knobs are positioned a comfortable 36 or 38 inches above the floor; check the height of other knobs in the house and keep it consistent.