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How-to-install-a-flat-garage-roof, tear off, sheathing, tar paper, drip edge, and rolled roofing on an old garage with a shed roof.. Whatever your reason for installing garage insulation, it needs to be done correctly to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment. there are a number of factors to take into consideration when installing insulation on a flat-roofed garage. this article will outline these unique features and offer advice to help you put theory into practice., wood and composition shingles are intended for use on pitched roofs. on buildings with flat roofs, shingles should be replaced with a roofing material that provides protection from water intrusion..

A flat garage roof is far easier to build than one with a pitch. taking into consideration that you will be working at some height, it is advisable to use at least two ladders and to have a helper, as lifting the timber into place will take two sets of arms., the flat roof covering can also be epdm. this (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber covering is very versatile, long lasting and very strong. epdm, or rubber roofing, can be bought in diy kits which include all trims and adhesives to get a neat waterproof job without any previous training other than maybe a youtube video..

Flat roofs need to have annual inspections to check for cracks and waterflow. standing water or cracks may signal a need for repairs. flat roofs need ventilation, like a pitched roof.