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How-to-identify-asbestos-insulation-attic, the types of insulation that were most commonly made with asbestos are loose-fill, also called blown-in, insulation. loose-fill insulation comes in a variety of materials. it is easy to identify by its loose, lumpy form and fluffy or granular texture.. Identifying asbestos attic insulation written by gabriella buonassisi on oct 02, 2010. reviewed by . lindani chirambadare. on mar 18, 2020. asbestos attic insulation can be found in many homes. unfortunately, it has been linked to forms of cancer and lung disorders. here's ..., when it comes to asbestos, it rarely needs introduced at this point. the majority of homeowners need to be educated on the general danger of breathing and disturbing asbestos fiber. older buildings and homes may have asbestos within products from hot water piping insulation to furnace insulation, even floor tiles. typically, it is recommended to […]