Amazing New Ideas

How-to-hang-trimmer-on-wall, how to vertically hang a weed eater. according to the weed eater company, weed eater is the original string trimmer. the long, skinny contraption has a heavy engine at the top, a bulky cutting .... I got involved in a discussion about the best way to store a trimmer yesterday. this guy was saying powerhead down or horizontal to prevent "flooding the engine". i've always hung them vertically with the powerhead up and have never had a problem other the leaky fuel caps. so... what do y'all..., as i’ve mentioned before, we built our home four years ago and were faced with a series of bare white rooms. no crown molding, no trim around the my husband dave read up on how to install them, bought the equipment, and set to work.because we’ve had so much interest in the topic of […]