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How-to-hang-textiles-on-wall, measure your textile. mark the hanging height (the spot where you want the top edge of the textile) on the wall with a pencil. draw a pencil line on the wall representing the width of your textile.. How many times have you taken your favorite textile and just pinned it up on the wall? it’s certainly not the way to preserve a textile for years to come. let me walk you through two simple ways to hang and display textiles vs mounting one., hanging a largescale textile on a wall is a great use for quilts, tapestries or fabrics that are worthy of display but that are too delicate or precious to actually use on a bed. fabric hangings create sound baffling while adding color. they are also a great alternative to more lethal falling art in an earthquake zone. but how well you hang a piece of fabric or a tapestry makes all the ....

Velcro/3m command mount : eric jacobson has just sent me notes on a hanging method he has discovered for small tribal bags and trappings. needing to find a hanging method that did not require holes in the wall, he sewed velcro tabs to the textiles, then attached "3m command" picture hanging strips to those and placed the corresponding strips on the wall., wonderland wall hanging - fabric scraps. hanging fabric fabric art diy and crafts arts and crafts textiles fabric scraps scrap fabric textile art fiber art..

The work needs to be measured and made to fit the canvas size, with a 4-5cm border all the way around it. the work can then be positioned on the centre of the canvas and with the canvas turned upside down and the edges of the work can be staple gunned into place. it is important to fold the edges of your work neatly, so that there are no bulges, especially with thicker fabrics.