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How-to-get-roof-tar-off-hands, how to remove tar from skin. getting tar on your skin can be a literal and proverbial pain. you might think that you can only get tar on your skin doing construction or home repair work. but you can also get tar on your skin from things.... How to wash tar off of your hands. step 1. let the tar dry as much as possible on your skin. once it’s dry, you might be able to peel off the biggest of the dry pieces. step 2. soak your skin in hot water for 30 minutes. the hot water will soften your skin and loosen the bond of the tar., cleaning and removing roofing tar from skin completely can be a hard task. roofing tar is really messy and hard to remove from your skin. in my experience i have run across two things that remove it from skin very well..

My dad was fixing a roof, and he was putting shingles on it. uhh there's like this black tar, kind of sticky stuff on his hands and he doesn't know how to get it off. he isn't sure of the name either. maybe roofing cement? i don't know. does anyone know how to get this stuff off? --- it's black and sticky. we've tried soap and water.