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How-to-get-paint-off-garage-door, i have two metal garage doors where the paint has begun to flake. the paint really needs to be stripped back. the flaking is too numerous and deep to try and feather back. the paint would need to be removed with the doors in situ. what's the best approach - never done anything like.... Exposure to rain, wind and sunlight causes paint on wooden garage doors to eventually require removal. excessive moisture compels paint on exterior wood to peel, while blistering paint is a result of extreme temperatures. simply using improper painting techniques can cause paint to appear scaly and unattractive., how to get your garage door ready to paint. garage door painting instructions. the process of masking the door and surrounding areas to keep over spray off your house..

Is the door powder coated under that top coat, if not then a heat gun, warm and scrape the paint off., roll on the new coat of paint. after you’ve painted the recessed inner panels, use a wide paint roller to cover the broad outer surface of the door. painting with a roller is quick and painless compared to manual brushing. a roller also guarantees a consistent finish, and won’t leave behind any visible strokes or seams. paint with long ....

It's a one-car garage, so we're talking about a small door. i wish i had a picture for you; the peeling is mainly on the bottom half of the door.