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How-to-get-on-a-high-roof, when working on a steep roof, i always have cougar paws with me. in this video i give the benefits of having a pair of cougar paws! amazon affiliate links this post includes affiliate links for .... Roof safety equipment that eliminates the need for rope and harness allowing you to inspect steep roofs safely and more efficiently. extremely versatile and able to be broken down to fit in the ..., the easier way -- is to get a "2 story" ladder. you will have your 12 ft for the low roof and the 24 for the bigger stuff. when you get claims- and you call to set up appointments-- you would ask if they have a one story or 2 so you know which ladder to bring..

I've got a 2 story that's pretty high up there. i've had roofers up there a couple of times replacing shingles and they keep coming off. i've decided it's time to take matters in my own hands, get up there myself and take a look at this bad boy., if the roof is "interesting" at all, at a minimum, i will put brackets along the edge, andd maybe part-way up, and possibly at the work point, like below a chimney or skylight if i need to work and keep tools and materials right there.