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Easy-macrame-patterns, continue to 5 of 21 below. macrame laptop mat. here's a free macrame pattern for a laptop mat, which could also be used for a placemat, small table runner, or even a trivet. it uses the square, horizontal half hitch, and diagonal half hitch knots to create an intricate design. macrame laptop mat from koel magazine. continue to 6 of 21 below.. How to make easy macrame patterns in 8 simple steps learn how to create a macrame wall hanging with these easy steps! macrame is making a huge comeback and it has officially caught my attention. don’t worry, this project is not the type your grandmother used to do back in the 70’s!, the square knot is the most basic of all macramé knots, and it is the only one you’ll need to know in making this wall-hanging. practice a few times until you get the hang of it. how to make a square knot: always work with 4 strands of rope. place the right outside rope across the 2 center ropes. (always start with the right side.).

Good news, crafty ladies! macrame is back and in a big, big way. macrame, the art of knotting cords and rope together, was a huge hit back in the ’70s with diy-ers. now, modern macrame is sleek, chic and way cooler than its hippie counterpart. we’ve gathered 12 projects for you to try your hand at, and we know that you’ll love getting ..., this pattern is made from three flat knots, tied in different directions (or 1,5 square knots). it is often used as a central knot, gathering together several cords. this braid is made from a number of square knots. it is one of the most common patterns in macrame. to form the "berry" pattern, first make a sguare knot braid of 6-10 knots..

Macrame can add a little pizzazz to basic mason jars. these macrame mason jars are easy to make and add that rustic, bohemian vibe to any mason jar. continue reading. macrame christmas ornaments/tassels - spiral knot video. ok - yes these macrame spiral knot tassels look great on your christmas tree. but you can also keep them out year-round ...